Presentation to the Canfield Historical Society

The rich history of the Niles & New Lisbon Railroad is woven into the towns and villages it served.  Canfield, located at the center of Mahoning County, was an important station on the Niles & New Lisbon Railroad.  This presentation, originally given to the Canfield Historical Society on May 12, 2022, tells the story of the Niles & New Lisbon Railroad from the perspective of that community.  Additional N&NL research materials are available at that Society‚Äôs Canfield office.

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Over 100 sources were consulted in compiling the presentation.  Thanks are extended to the Niles Historical Society, the Lisbon Historical Society and the Mineral Ridge Historical Society for agreeing to inclusion of certain of their materials in the presentation.  Thanks also to Mr. Bud Puskarich, Mr. Dan West, Mr. Chip Syme, Mr. Fred Stuckmann, Mr. George Elwood, Mr. Adam Burns and Mr. Wayne Cole for agreeing to inclusion of many of their photographs and images in the presentation.  Images from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania are used with permission. 

Bibliography and Sources